Centre Medico-Chirgical de Kinindo

The hospital CMCK is a referral hospital located in southern sanitary district of Kinindo on the Rumonge road. It was created December 8, 1999 under the authority of the Minister of Public Health of the time.

The hospital began operations with a capacity of 30 beds with departments of general medicine, surgery and gynecology & obstetrics.

Our services delivery model is based on sound principals of quality care and a clear delineation of functions. Efficiency, cost effectiveness, accessibility to people from all social strata, without compromising our vision of excellence, constitutes its core elements. This model is now being replicated in many parts of Burundi and Africa.

It is in the quest of CMCK to strengthen its capacity in the health of the population, and focuses on improving its partnership with internationally renowned hospitals from different parts of the world, thus creation of telemedicine.

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